GAIN 2013 – The Experience

6a00e5521cccd0883401901d8f8573970b-320wiI am in the midst of GAIN withdrawal syndrome. What is that? Well it is actually pretty simple, after you spend five days with highly motivated coaches, therapists and teachers who are hungry to learn and willing to share and you leave there is a very empty feeling. It is so stimulating and uplifting to be in that environment that it is difficult to return to the daily routine. Only 12 more months until GAIN 2014! Fortunately we have a GAIN forum and Google + community to continue to share ideas and continue the GAIN experience. GAIN has grown and evolved in the past five years into a very special experience for professional development. The days are long without breaks, so that it is a total immersion in athletic development. In many ways GAIN is defined by what it is not, it is not a course in the traditional sense of the word, it is certainly not a boot camp, it is not a clinic, the best way I can describe it is it is an experience. It is what Seth Godin calls a tribe, a learning circle where everyone may not agree but they agree to disagree civilly and in a manner that fosters learning. The faculty is the best people in their fields who are actually producing results working with athletes and teaching physical education. They are totally accessible to attendees at all times. Rather than try to capture the whole GAIN experience in one post (That would not do it justice) I will write subsequent posts on the presentations and the lessons from this years GAIN. If you are interested in attending next year mark the second week of June on your calendar, enrollment is limited and it is open by application only. Our goal is define the field of athletic development and change that world.

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