Hard Work

6a00e5521cccd088340192abf329b7970d-320wiIt is a given that to achieve any level of success in sport demands hard work. That being said anyone can work hard, the champions are the ones who work smart. They know how to balance the work in order to get full benefit from the time and effort in training. Some athletes and coaches make the choice to try to go hard all the time with the hope that they will survive. It is just that hope & hope does not win medals. In reality more often than not it is this athlete who is seldom there when it counts the most. They either get hurt or spend all their time managing niggling injuries that keep them from achieving results. The alternative is to train smart, understand you capabilities and recoverability so that you can thrive and be at your best when the stakes are highest. Smart training balances the hard with the easy, it takes into account individual differences and allows for differing adaptation times to different training demands. To train smart listen to your body and follow what it is telling you. Training accumulates over time so recognize that you are in it for the long term.

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