So What’s the Plan?

This is officially the start of the last week of training I have to qualify for the Moscow World Championships. The odds are stacked against me. If memory serves me right, I’ve only thrown over 79m twice when it wasn’t a championship scenario with a well thought out peak condition. But with Dr. Bondarchuk, I like my chances.

Because of my hand and subsequent abysmal placing at US championships in June, I am in the position to chase the standard required for the team. I am taking one more opportunity to go after the A standard on July 19 at the BC Championships Jamboree in Kamloops. Honestly, this was the only serious opportunity to try and achieve the standard. A throw in excess of 79m is nothing to scoff at, and I was knowingly in no condition my last two competitions to even sniff that mark. Next friday, I hope to be in at least 77m shape where I could then possibly let will power take over.


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