As coaches we all do stuff. There is stuff all over the place. Much of the stuff of training is free on YouTube. I have learned over the years that some stuff is better than other stuff. As I look around me at other coaches I see them also doing stuff, some of their stuff looks like my stuff and some it is very different. I also know that some is junk and some stuff is precious. Does the stuff we do make a difference. Is your stuff better than my stuff? Given that we all do stuff what is the difference maker? Well here is it is – no secret just common sense – if I know why I do my stuff then I have a significantly better change of making my stuff work with my athletes. Wait it gets better, if I really understand who to do the stuff with and when to do it then I am really in the hunt. The bottom line is that to make your stuff work know why, who to use it with, and then when to use it.

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