Being Average

I find it very interesting to watch how hard people work at being average. It is easy to be average so I don’t really understand why people work at it but they do. Ever notice how those that choose to be average are always making excuses, it is too hot or it too cold. They overslept or didn’t get enough sleep. They forgot their water bottle. They forgot their spikes or their bathing suit and on and on. They are the ones who cut corners in workouts. I have no tolerance for this. I accept that people have different abilities, what I cannot accept is not working to maximize the ability you have. Choose to be the best you can be, don’t accept being average. Give it your best effort; take some risks, try a little harder. Many are called and few choose – it is a conscious choice. Choose to be the best you can be and then do something about it, take action, start now, not tomorrow or the next day. Set a level of expectations that demands reaching higher.

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