Fifty Years Latter

mlkYou would have to live in a cave to not be aware that today is the fiftieth anniversary of the march on Washington. As I reflect back on the last fifty years I am amazed at the progress that we have made as a nation in terms of racial equality. Although we have progressed far as a nation now is the time to take some time to reflect on where we have been, where we are and where we are going. All the attention on the march on Washington can serve as a good contextual framework for all of us to be more accountable as citizens and for us to hold our political leaders accountable. We need to revive the spirit of change that signified the Sixties. We have greater economic inequality than anytime in our history, a dysfunctional government and a deficient educational system. All of those represent opportunities for change, change for the better, but it will only happen if we get totally involved. Think about this as you watch or listen to the coverage of the anniversary of the march on Washington. I am proud to be an American. As a first generation American I have benefited from the American dream, I would like to see everyone have the same opportunity. Listen to Martin Luther King’s speech and take some to reflect on his words and do something about it.

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