Functional Path Training – Eight Years Into it

Eight years ago this week I started writing this blog. I had no clue about blogging and even less about the connected world of cyberspace. I started writing the blog as a daily “warm-up” for my writing of my Athletic Development book. I had no idea that I would still be writing eight years latter and that it would be syndicated and have the followers that it does through various social media. As I have said before I do not write the blog for others, I selfishly write it for myself. I use it to organize my thoughts to direct my work at that time. If others get something out of it, that is a bonus. I have never shied away from expressing my opinions and will continue to do as long as I write the blog. If I am wrong I will apologize.

We have all moved much farther down the functional path in the past eight years. Access to knowledge in training has exploded, yet in many ways we have not progressed. Injuries are higher that they have ever been perhaps because we have not learned the lesson of functional path well enough or applied those lessons. I guess only time will tell. I am looking forward to continuing to write this blog and share my ideas with anyone interested. I will close with a brief reaffirmation of my beliefs: I have no tolerance for phonies, gurus, complexifiers, commercializers and shameless self-promoters. I pride myself on charting my own path even though it may not always be comfortable or inline with conventional wisdom. I am old fashioned with respect to duty, to integrity, to honesty and the value of a work ethic. I certainly have made mistakes, both errors of judgment, errors of commission and errors of omission – hopefully I have learned from those mistakes and become a better person because of it. I have few heroes but am very thankful for my family and my mentors who are a constant guiding light for me.

I wish you safe travel on your journey down the functional path.

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