Intellectual Incest

If you look at the history of Europe you will see that effects of incest when the various members of royal families intermarried among first cousins and relatives. The result was idiocy. This is what I see in many areas of physical performance, rehabilitation and pseudo sport science today. You have too many people who are in effect marrying their first cousins by passing around the same ideas, never going outside their sphere of influence and not thinking critically. It could also be called the bobblehead doll syndrome. A guru will make a statement and everyone in the room nods their heads in agreement, with out any thought. We all need to wake up and look at the effects of this. It is creating idiocy in coaching, training and some areas of sport science. The solution is to know and understand foundational scientific and pedagogical principles and put them into practice. Don’t follow personalities follow principles and think critically, challenge ideas don’t just follow the crowd.

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