What are you missing?

As we often miss key elements of movement because we become very stereotyped and always see movement from the same perspective. It is so easy to have a confirmation bias and see what you are looking for and miss the real problem. It is so important to see movement with new eyes. Eliminate bias. Don’t focus on the site of pain or the perceived cause of the technical flaw. Look at how everything is connected and linked. If there is pain in the knee then look at the joints above and below. If the foot contact is loud and percussive, don’t look at the foot and ankle move back and look at how the knee are hip are connecting. Change vantage point, view from the side, the front, and the rear and even from above if possible. Look for flow in the movement. Look where there are disconnects or so-called energy leaks. In order to do that you need to clear your mind and get rid of preconceived notions. Sometime it is even beneficial to close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of the movement, which can be very revealing. This observational analysis ability is all part of the coaches toolbox. Learn to see what you are seeing and don’t be fooled by what you think you see.

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