Rewards of Coaching

There is no doubt in my mind that the rewards of coaching are the intangibles. I know it is not championships and records, those quickly fade away, the real rewards of coaching are seeing young boys and girls grow up to be responsible self sufficient men and women. Some of those young men and women when they were athletes could not remember their shoes, or their shot put but over time they learned. Now those young men and women are parents, some are coaches, some are professionals and they are applying the lessons they learned in sport. Yes as coaches we coach a sport, but more importantly we coach people who do the sport. Coaching gives us an opportunity to influence young people like no other profession because of the intensity of the competition and the demands of day-to-day training. Don’t get so caught up in the technical aspects of coaching that you forget to enjoy the growth you see in your athletes as people. Just like we ask them to focus on the process we also should focus on the process.

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