I Think I Can

trainthatcouldMaybe this is subliminal programming from my childhood, but I grew up thinking I could. My favorite book as a child was The Little Engine That Could. When I had children I read it to them at least once a week. There is a clear message – Embrace the challenge. Look at possibilities. What can you do? How can you do it? Take one step at a time, move forward, never look book. Recognize that doubt and fear of failing are real – acknowledge that, but don’t be consumed by it. Yes you can, if you think you can. No Pollyanna approach here – so many people never give themselves a chance. Is Talent and ability necessary and important? You bet it is and if anyone says otherwise don’t listen. But my question is how many people really use their talent and ability? How many people fully exploit what they have? In my experience and observations not many. Why? In many cases it is because they think they can’t. Realistically assess your talent and abilities then devise an action plan to do everything in your power to develop that talent to the fullest. If you fall short so be it, but rest assured that you did everything in your power to be the best that you could be. I think I can, I think I can!

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