Searching For Marginal Gains

“The aggregation of marginal gains” is a phrase that became the mantra of Dave Brailsford performance director of British cycling. What is overlooked in this phrase is the term “aggregation.” Certainly everyone in elite sport is looking for the tenth of a percent that can be the difference maker. In the search for marginal gains it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is a process that is built on solid fundamentals and consistent focused training. In the search for that tenth of a percent don’t forget to keep refining the things that got you there. To be the very best, to stand on the top of the podium, it is not one thing, it is a succession of factors big and small that accumulate in a systematic manner over time to then make the marginal gains significant. Consistently take care the 98% and the other 2% will be  much easier. As a wise old cowboy once said “Be sure to dance the last with who brung you to the dance.” Keep refining the fundamentals. The fundamentals will lead to the marginal gains that are meaningful.

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