Self-Management for Coaching Success

As coaches a huge part of our job involves management. Management of our athletes first, then management of our assistant coaches, support staff, facilities etc. To be a good coach it is absolutely necessary to be an effective manager. That being said the biggest management task we face is management of ourselves. Without effective self-management I contend it is virtually impossible to manage others effectively. In preparing a team or individuals the goal is always to be best for the big game, or for the championship meet or match. We get our athletes ready to go, but what about ourselves? We need be on our A game, completely energized, when often it is the opposite because we have failed to mange ourselves properly. We have failed to manage our energy; instead of being up and focused we are drained, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Personally I think this is one of the biggest challenges we face as coaches – how to effectively manage and distribute our energy to be at our best when it counts the most. It demands taking control of our lives and achieving a balance so that we have a life outside of coaching. There are many ways to achieve this based on your personality and life situation, but just being aware is a big first step. Take a step back and assess how you approach what you do. What is your routine? Are you exercising and eating healthy? Do you have quality time for your family or significant others? Reflect on how you can manage yourself more effectively. Devise a plan and implement that plan so you are at your best when your athletes need you to be.

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