The Sports Gene

sportsgeneREAD THIS BOOK! In the past three years I have read over 300 books, the Sports Gene is one of the best books I have read in that time. David Epstein not only nails the science but he tells compelling stores that bring the science to life. He takes the complexities of genetics and makes it comprehensible and applicable to the development of athletic performance. To me the clear message is that it is not about nature or nature but it is how we can best nurture nature. It raises many questions and offers some answers. In many ways this reminded me of one of my favorite books “The Sweet Spot in Time” by John Jerome written in 1980. At that time Jerome took the emerging field of sport science and made the concepts comprehensible by telling good stores, Epstein does the same. He offers great food for thought. It certainly puts the 10,000 hours “rule” in context and debunks some of the misapplied concepts in Gladwell’s book “The Outliers.” This book is so good that I have read it twice. This is a must read for coaches, parents, anyone interested in the why’s of sport performance.

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