Everybody wants workouts. Can you send me the workouts you do with your swimmers or a volleyball player is a common request I get. Why? Workouts are only good for the people they are designed for. Sometimes (hopefully more often than not) they work and sometimes they don’t. If you work with football at Central Nowhere High school does what State University does in training have real relevance to what you are doing with you ninth graders? Workouts are all so contextual. Look at workout in the context of what they are doing, whom they are for, where they are applied and when they are used. Also keep in mind that a workout that is effective this year possibly will be ineffective next year as the athlete adapts and develops. Know the principles of training and apply them. There is no one magic workout or formula. Understand the thought process and reasons behind the workouts. Don’t get me wrong I love to look at and study other people’s workouts. They give me ideas and provoke thought. But I will never blindly copy a workout; I will adapt concepts that I think will work for the sport and athlete I am working with at the present time.

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