IFAC 2013: What I Learned (Part 2)

Professor Vin Walsh of University College LondonUp to 20% of the body’s energy is dedicated to the brain, but it is often an overlooked element of training. And I’m not talking about the mind in a metaphysical sense, but the brain as a physical muscle sitting in our head. Each time we move, each time we learn, and each time we throw there are physical changes that occur in our brain. Over the past week I have summarized my own presentation and highlights from other presentations at the International Festival of Athletics Coaching. But with the brain playing such a central but often overlooked role, it is important for my last post about the conference to focus on this important topic.

Professor Vincent Walsh is a leading expert on the brain at University College London where he runs the Applied Cognitive Neuroscience. He gave two talks over the weekend that focused on how this 20% of our energy is being used and how to optimize it and maximize our performance. Much of the discussion centered around things we all have learned intuitively after years of experience. But it is reassuring that the science backs this up and helps provide some solutions on how to move forward.


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