Innovation & Change

Everyone likes to think of innovation and change as major things you have to do. Radical departures if you will. I think of change as a constant, if you are not continually changing and adapting then you are not growing. The same with innovation, it is an ongoing process. If you want to stay ahead of the game then change and innovation is part of your daily routine. You have to see your world with different eyes. You have to use all your senses and heighten your powers of observation. The opportunities for change and innovation are often right before our eyes and we do not see them because we are too busy repeating what we have done before. Change starts with daily evaluation and self-reflection. Make that part of your daily coaching process to give yourself an opportunity to change. You don’t change and innovate by copying others, rather learn from others and go beyond what they have done. Your athletes are changing and adapting everyday, why not you the coach? To paraphrase Gandhi you must be the change or innovation you want to be. So lead change, don’t follow and make change and innovation a habit.

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