It’s Not About The Coffee

starbucksI am a big fan of Starbucks and believe me it is not about the coffee because I am not much of a coffee drinker. I could not tell Sumatra Plus from instant coffee, but I do know one thing about Starbucks it is all about the experience. The joke among friends and family is that my office is Starbucks and I have branch offices all over the world. Most importantly the terms of the lease are quite favorable. At my main office AKA the Starbucks at the corner of Fruitville and Honore in Sarasota they know me. (By the way if you are ever in Sarasota give a call and I will meet you at the main office.) When I walk in they know I want a Grande unsweetened ice tea with four ice cubes. It cost $2.09. I can get twice as much tea at McDonalds for $1.07, so why Starbucks? Plan and simple it is about the experience. The baristas are friendly, the music is great, and they have nice comfortable chairs and a couch as well as free Wi Fi. I know McDonald‘s has free Wi Fi also and it may be faster; but it’s just not the same. Plain and simple it is about the experience and with some minor variations it is the same anywhere I go in the US and in the world. Heck I even like the smell the smell of the brewing coffee (I know you coffee aficionados say they burn their coffee hence the smell) but it sure beats the smell of greasy burgers at MacDonald’s. So what does this have to do with coaching? To me it is a clear message to us as coaches, it’s not about the wins or loses, it’s not about the sets and reps, or the volume of running, it’s about the process and the process comes from the experience. We must give our athletes daily experiences that instill in them a desire for excellence in everything they do. We, the coaches are responsible for this. It is not about facilities or technical knowledge; it is a clear focus on people and relationships. Before you start training today look closely at the experience you are giving your athletes – How do you greet them when they arrive at workout? How do you correct them when they have done something incorrect? You, yes you the coach, can create an atmosphere where champions in sport and life are inevitable. Remember it is not about the coffee!

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