Weight throw to #Portland2016?

This is my first post as part of Martin’s new HMMR media venture! I’m happy to be part of it and hope you all enjoy the benefits of his vision for a one stop shop for training.

Should meet organizers for the world indoor championships add the weight to the program? I think I agree with Martin that it is a good idea. Maybe even a great idea. After the success of the hammer Olympic Trials at the Nike campus, this too is an opportunity to seize in the interest of promoting the sport. I can’t say that I would compete, but the show should go on regardless.


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2 replies
  1. Hammerpop
    Hammerpop says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kibwe..

    Not withstanding one’s personal choice to compete in this proposed venue, the question at the end of the day is wether or not the pursuit and ultimate attainment of Olympic Gold in the hammer throw is truer to the code and prestige of our sport than the attaining a world record int the weight throw.

    I assert that the answer is that the pursuit and attainment of Olympic Gold in the hammer throw is the proper choice and especially given that in both terms of technical and closed skill development prerequisites for the hammer throw, which in my research based opinion, far exceeds the requirements to achieve a world record in the weight throw.

    Therefore I also assert that success is in fact not relative in this case, and that while you may ultimately add a world record in the weight throw to you resume and be additionally motivated to do so with the prospect of prize money, I think you would regret such a pursuit and especially given that you are among our current-top prospects to represent our country with a chance to medal in the Olympics.

    Remember, “haste makes waste” so I urge you to stay the course. Just ask any world record holder whose record came and went. I know many who would gladly trade those records for the glory of achieving an Olympic medal.

    All the best to you in the coming seasons,

    • Kibwé
      Kibwé says:


      I apologize, just figured out how to reply… lol

      Thank you for your response. You’re absolutely right. Every single decision I have made since pulling the trigger to move to Kamloops has been geared towards becoming the best damn hammer thrower I can possibly be. With that, I can say with almost certainty that I will not willingly do anything that could be detrimental to that plan. My prime years are ahead of me, and I hope to use them wisely.

      I would love to be involved in planning or promoting the event if this idea ever takes off. But I am hammer only at least until the closing ceremonies in Rio in 2016. 🙂



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