Just in Time For Christmas: The New HMMR Media Store

polanik_chirstmasThe holiday season is upon us and that means that you are are looking for gift ideas for those hammer throwers in your life. Well, let’s be honest, it’s time for you to send a list of hammer throwing things to people that will buy presents for you. Either way, we are happy to announce several new products from HMMR Media just in time for the holidays.

To purchase any of the items, visit the new HMMR Media store.

» New Premium Memberships

Last year we launched memberships to the site that allow access to a treasure trove of archived post on hammer throw training. For example, you get access to hundreds of my old posts about training methods, Bondarchuk, technique, and more. Members also received the opportunity to ask questions for the Ask Martin series or be part of the Coaching Roundtables.

Today we are launching premium memberships. Premium members receive all the normal membership benefits plus three personal online video reviews from Martin Bingisser (hammer throw), Kibwé Johnson (hammer and discus), or Nick Garcia (shot put and discus). This is a great chance to get technical feedback from some of the top names in the sport.

» Hammer Wires

Nick Garcia has more than 10 years of experience making quality hammer throw wires for the nation’s best throwers and track and field supply companies. The prices are also the lowest on the market and he can custom make any length you need. We all know what cold weather does to wires, so order now.

» Hammer Throw Books

We are now selling Anatoliy Bondarchuk’s two volumes of Transfer of Training, including a special discount if you order both now. HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser has also written the definitive guide to hammer throwing, with nearly 150 pages about how to learn the event, talent identification, technique, common problems, special strength, and advanced training concepts. Click here for a complete table of contents. Please note: this is a pre-order and the book will be released and shipped only at the start of 2014.

» Seminars and Consulting

Last but not least we are also available to consult on training plan design for teams or individuals. In addition, we can travel to speak or conduct hands-on clinics with throwers and coaches. We all have substantial experience in these ares, so contact us to discuss the details if you are interested.

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