Dan Pfaff Insight Part 2: Preventing Hamstring Injuries

Today I will continue my second post in a series of blog posts related to Coach Dan Pfaff and his unique training methods. I have recently watched many of his presentations and clinic files and have paired that with the knowledge I gained while using Coach Pfaff’s training style in my collegiate throwing career as an All-Big 12 Hammer Thrower and Shot Putter, to write articles reflecting training tools I feel could be beneficial to the strength and conditioning community.


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  1. aaron
    aaron says:

    Zac, I could not agree with this article more. You are finding the truth in movement. I think it’s great you’re drawing attention to multi-dimensional movement. AND, I think you’re headed in the right direction looking at the movement of sport, many coaches fail to do this and purely look at the strength and power needed to play the sport. Multi-directional training doesn’t only have to be implemented in “agility” drills, they can and should be brought into the weight room as well. Great article!


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