Smart Body or Dumb Body

How you view and perceive the body will have a significant effect on your training outcomes. You can view the body as either dumb or smart. Here are some comparisons:

Dumb Body Smart Body
Looks for dysfunction Looks for function
Looks at the body as highly adapted Looks at the body as adaptable
Looks for disconnects Looks for connections
Looks for disabilities Looks for abilities
Looks for what cannot be done Looks for what can be done
Looks at body as highly mechanistic Looks at body as organic
Looks at body as static Looks at body as dynamic
Looks at body from reductionist viewpoint Looks at body from a quantum viewpoint
Looks at muscles Looks at movements

How do you view the body? I obviously view the body as smart. I believe in giving the body credit for it’s inherent wisdom and ability to solve the complex movements presented to in a myriad of ways. Hopefully this will get you thinking about how you look at the body.

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