Work Versus Training

Work is hard and the harder the work the better the work is. No, absolutely wrong – STOP – that is not training. That approach will work for a while before the inevitable crash occurs. Certainly training is work, but the key distinction is that training is work with a specific direction and purpose. Sometimes training is very hard and other times it is very easy. This variation is necessary to allow the body to adapt to the stress of training. In training there are no quick fixes, adaptation takes time and not all physical qualities adapt at the same rate. Training is mindful and meaningful. It involves progression from easy to hard and simple to complex. It also involves a sensible application of work that is appropriate for the developmental age and training age of the athletes. The goal of training is the development of an adaptable athlete that is thoroughly prepared for the chaos of the competitive arena. Work on the other hand is an end to itself. Training is a means to an end. In summary I am reminded of the words of a popular country western song from my college days: “Work your fingers to the bone. What do you get? Boney fingers.”

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