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Yesterday I wrote about old stuff, but what about new stuff? I am certainly always on the lookout for new stuff. That being said I have very strict criteria when I evaluate new stuff to include in the system. The key word here is the system. Over 44 years of coaching I have evolved a system, before I add new stuff to the system I want to make sure it is better than something I am already using. I need to know the context where the new stuff will fit into the system. Usually I will trial run the new stuff in order to give it a full evaluation. Obviously I will seek input from coaches and athletes who have used the new stuff. At the end of the evaluation I have to be convinced that it is significantly better than what I have used before or if it is an addition that it will make a significant difference. I am not one to follow fads or trends just to be in with the latest and greatest. I think ultimately you will find as I have found that the new stuff is really some old stuff recycled.

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