Thoughts on Professional Development

Professional development is an ongoing process of continual self improvement. Here are some thoughts and ideas that might help you in your journey of professional growth:

  • Start with a passion for what you. For me that is the fuel that drives learning.
  • Have a detailed learning plan.
  • Develop a personal network of peers that you can exchange ideas with and who will challenge your ideas.
  • Read voraciously – Read the classics, read current research and read coaching literature also read outside of coaching.
  • Go outside coaching to learn. I have picked up some great ideas on planning and debriefing from some management books.
  • Research and analyze. Keep copious records of training plans and results.
  • Observe – Watch others and see what they are doing. Ask why? Ask how?
  • Practice – Try new training methods yourself before you use them with your athletes. Prototype continually.
  • In the words of management expert Tom Peters fail forward. Recognize that mistakes and missteps are learning opportunities.
  • Become part of the GAIN Professional Development Network – Come to GAIN, join now here.


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