Always Ask Why?

Foundational Beliefs #8 Always Ask Why?

It is too easy to focus on what you do, that is what everyone does. I learned early in my coaching career that if I did not know why then ultimately what I was doing was not going to be very effective. It is not good enough that something works or something failed, I want to know why it worked or failed. That affords me the opportunity to repeat it if it worked or not use it again if it failed. There are some things that I have done for years that I know works, that have stood the test of time, and I don’t why. But that does not mean that I am not still trying to find out why. Just the process of trying to find out why has refined and fine-tuned them. I guess ultimately it is curiosity that drives me, I find the more I see the world with a child’s eye the more I see and the more I ask why? As Gertrude Stein said: “The answer is there is no answer” but that is not a good reason to stop asking why.

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