Coach & Teach The Way You Would Want To Be Coached & Taught

Foundational Beliefs #1 – Coach & Teach The Way You Would Want To Be Coached & Taught

One of my biggest motivations in coaching is to NOT coach the way I was coached when I played football in college. It was characterized by physical and mental abuse with motivation (If you want to call it that) by manipulation, domination and control. It does not work. I vowed then that I would always try to coach the way I wanted to be coached. Show care and respect for the athlete. Motivate through the intrinsic value of the sport. Remember that you are not coaching a sport; you are coaching people who do the sport. Coach the people part and everything else will fall into place. Coach appropriate to the level where you are coaching, children cannot be coached the same way as seasoned veterans. When I evaluate a coach and their methods I ask myself one simple question – Would I want to be coached by them and would I want them coaching my son and daughter?

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