Embrace and Lead Change

Foundational Beliefs #4 Embrace and Lead Change

Nothing is more constant and more uncomfortable that change. I came to the realization many years that if change is constant, then as a coach I should take the initiative and lead change rather than react to it. In so many ways our success as coaches is defined by how well we manage change. Too many coaches let change manage them and end up in a defensive and reactive mode that significantly undermines their effectiveness. My colleague Kelvin Giles calls coaches “change engineers.” I think this is an apt description of what we must do as coaches to be successful. The world of high performance sport today is moving at hyper speed and as coaches we must be highly adaptable and prepared to move with it. It is tough and as I said earlier not always comfortable, but it is necessary. The challenge is to embrace change and still hold to your foundational principles, but strong foundational principles are the beacon that guide you through the rough waters of change.

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