Foundational Beliefs – Guiding Lights

The following are some of the basic tenants that I believe in as a coach. These are foundational beliefs that make up the pillars of my coaching philosophy. I was taught from day one as a coach that the philosophy is the guiding light, the beacon that guides you through the good times and the bad. They may be of assistance to you in defining how and what you do as a coach. In future blogs I will elaborate on each of them and share why they are important to me:

  1. Coach & Teach The Way You Would Want To Be Coached & Taught
  2. It Is Always About The Athlete
  3. Focus on the Process – The Pursuit Of Excellence Has It’s Own Rewards
  4. Embrace and Lead Change
  5. Relentlessly Pursue Personal & Professional Growth and Learning
  6. Use All Dimensions Of Communication
  7. Embrace The Difference – Nobody Is The Same
  8. Always Ask Why?
  9. Never Take No For Answer
  10. Less Is More – Simplicity Yields Complexity
  11. Be Passionate and Enthusiastic
  12. Be Humble
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