Gear Up For the Outdoor Season

With the NCAA and high school championships finishing up last week, this weekend marks the unofficial start of the outdoor season in America. To throw far you need to have the right gear and the HMMR Media store has two great products to help start the outdoor season off well: premium hammer wires and hammer throwing resin.

Premium Hammer Wires

Hammer wires are one of the most important items for a hammer thrower. It’s what connects you with the ball. There is a lot of trust in it them and you want a high quality product that withstand the demands of training. Our wires are hand made by Nick Garcia, whose customized wire making workshop has produced thousands and thousands of wires for more than a decade. We can custom make any length to your specifications.


Contact us for pricing and shipping options for bigger orders.

But what really sets our wires apart is the price. I joke that a hammer wire bubble must be occurring since since prices have skyrocketed. Take a look at the prices from the three major North American track equipment suppliers:

  • MF Athletic: $8.25 to $12.50
  • VS Athletics: $9.50 to $16.00
  • Jumpstart Athletics: $11.50 to $16.95

Our wires are our March featured product and cost as little as $5.00 each. Order now to make sure your team has wires for the season.

» Order premium hammer wires from the HMMR Media store.

Hammer Throwing Resin

resinThrowing a hammer over world class distances requires a throw to exert over 700-pounds (317.5-kilograms) of centripetal force on the hammer ball. Trying to hold on to the ball with those forces is essential, and trying to relax at the same time is even more difficult. That’s why elite hammer throwers use some form of grip enhancer. Over the years I have tried dozens of products, but either they were not strong enough, hard to remove from the hand, hard to find, didn’t work in extreme temperatures, or only came in spray cans that airport security loved to take from me.

Since I moved to Europe I have found a Danish handball resin that met all my needs. Handball is another sport where grip is essentially, but in America it is as obscure as hammer throwing and the resin was not available for purchase anywhere online … until now. You can now buy the resin in the HMMR Media store.

The resin is strongly adhesive yet easy to remove. It provides the perfect amount of comfort during the throw that lets you know you have a good grip and can relax the arms until they are a little bit longer. But, most importantly, it’s also the tacky of choice for Kibwé Johnson.

» Order hammer throwing resin from the HMMR Media store.

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