Less Is More – Simplicity Yields Complexity

Foundational Beliefs #10 Less Is More – Simplicity Yields Complexity

As coaches very early on most of us were taught K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Simon. Sounds good but how many actually follow it? Simplicity yields complexity. You start with the basics and progress systematically by achieving mastery of each step. Throughout my coaching career I have seen a clear difference between good and great coaches, those coaches who were able to sustain excellence and those whose careers resembled shooting stars – SIMPLICITY. In one session you could see the trend of their program, there was a constant emphasis on the essentials, nothing very complicated. It was mindful repetition of basics presented in different packages. More is not better. They focused on the need to do and stayed away from the nice to do. There is simple message to being a better coach it is: Be a simplifier not a complexifier.

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