Relentlessly Pursue Personal & Professional Growth and Learning

Foundational Beliefs #5 Relentlessly Pursue Personal & Professional Growth and Learning

In my opinion you must continually work at getting better both personally and professionally. I was taught that you never know enough. Neither of my parents graduated from high school, they instilled in me very early early that learning was the key to success. I am constantly reading books and research articles and dialoging with other professionals. One of the main reasons I started GAIN was to share a vision of what true professional development is all about. I have been fortunate to have great mentors who taught and guided me. In addition I am very fortunate to have a group of colleague whom I call “influencers” that I know I can turn to for advice or to critically assess my work or ideas. One of my mentors Dr. Joe Vigil taught me that in a career you could have one experience many times or have a variety of experiences. I have chosen the later and do not regret it. The former is more comfortable but does not offer the opportunities for growth. It is also important to go outside coaching and sport science for knowledge. Search far and wide to broaden your horizons. Leave no stone unturned, keep searching there has to be better ways.

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