The Science of Running by Steve Magness

6a00e5521cccd0883401a3fccf9317970b-320wiIf you coach any type of endurance athlete get this book. Even though it is about running it applies directly to swimming, biking, cross country skiing and triathlon. Read it, re-read it and apply the lessons and you will be a better coach and most importantly your athletes will be better for it. Even though it is titled “Science of Running” I think it is the art, the application of the science in very practical easy to understand and apply concepts in a language any coach can use that make this book stand out. Steve presents a comprehensive systematic approach to training the middle distance and distance athlete carefully blinding the art and science. He is very straightforward in presenting his ideas but at no time is he overbearing. His writing is very conversational and “user friendly.” Even though Steve is young in age and coaching years he has acquired wisdom beyond his years. You can tell he has lived much of what he writes about. It is so refreshing to see Max VO2 put in its place and the same with energy system training. I really like how Steve makes continual reference to the difference in training emphasis for the Fast Twitch – Speed type of runner to the Slow Twitch Endurance type, a clear and important distinction too often ignored. It also comes through loud and clear that mileage is not the answer, it is the blend of all types of work that make the most effective injury free runner. This is a training book that will be a constant reference for me even though I am no longer coaching endurance athlete’s day to day, it will be there because the ideas on training are so sensible and applicable across all the whole spectrum of physical performance. This is the best book on coaching running I have seen in quite sometime. Well-done Steve! Can’t wait to have you present again at GAIN this year.

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