Getting Better Faster

I have been in New Zealand for four days now presenting to high performance coaches and interacting with various members of Sport New Zealand’s High Performance team. It has been total immersion in performance excellence, a real coaches dream. The singular focus has all been all about what needs to be done to get better. Certainly elite sport is moving forward at hyper speed, faster than coaches and sport leaders can comprehend. We have been talking continually about future planning and present perfect. It is easy to talk about 2020 and 2024 but it is another thing to act on those as if they were tomorrow. In the current reality in international sport they are tomorrow. Who will the coaches be ten years from now? What is being done to upscale and prepare them for the future reality? They will need different skill sets – what are those skill sets? Those athletes for 2020 & 2024 are now ten to fourteen years old. What is being done to nature and develop them? Do we really know who they are? These are all questions and concerns that every sporting nation and sport organization should be addressing right now – today! Remember the words of Mario Andretti “If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” What are you doing to prepare to move faster?

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