Vern Gambetta

Give Credit Where Credit is Do – Do The Right Thing

Do the right thing. If you use someone else’s ideas give them credit, giving credit to others does not weaken or diminish your status, in fact it strengthens it. In today’s world with the proliferation of information it is even more necessary. There is no excuse for not knowing, if you think you have an original idea do a Google search and see if someone else has used it. That is not unreasonable. I learned in the first clinic that I attended as a senior at Fresno State in 1968 how important it was to give credit. Bill Bowerman was the speaker he gave credit to Arthur Lydiard, Gosta Holmer and others who influenced him in the development of his system of training runners. That left a huge impression on me. This guy was the best and he had no trouble giving credit to others. I am very concerned with the stealing of ideas and lack of credit that is being given today. It seems to be a generational thing especially among those that have grown up with the Internet. When you use someone’s ideas or training methods give them credit. It is not hard, just a mention in a speech, a name on a slide, or a credit on a DVD. It is common courtesy. In some cases there are legal ramifications, I will not go there, to me it is just a matter of doing what is right. Go the extra mile and give credit where credit is do. Honor and respect those who have come before you. Above all be honest, most of all be honest with yourself.

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