Fighting Through The Pain

I always have the tendency to want to “man up” and train through an small injuries and pain. By my recollection I have missed only one day of training due to injury over the past decade and I’m quite proud of that. I have a very high pain tolerance that lets me put the little aches and pains in the back of my mind and push through. But just because I did train doesn’t mean I should have. Looking back there are many days where taking the day off would have been a much better decision. Just because the pain has been moved to the back of the mind doesn’t mean that it has disappeared. The body adjusts and copes to avoid the pain. And when the pain finally disappears, the body still reacts like a trained dog, bracing itself for the pain it expects to arrive.


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  1. […] The last time I wrote about training I was in pain. I thought it would subside soon after, but it lingered until I found the right specialists Finally two weeks ago I got to the point where I could throw without pain. And you could see the difference in my results: my last three meets have all been over 65 meters and are my second, third, and fourth best performances of the year. This includes a win at the Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern international meet (video below) in addition to the Swiss title. […]

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