GAIN 2014 – Wrap-up/Summary #2

6a00e5521cccd0883401a3fd2843e7970b-320wiThe faculty sets the tone for the GAIN experience. Certainly they can be measured by their professional accomplishments, but most importantly they are characterized by their humility, willingness to share and desire to keep learning. What an inspiration to the group to see Jim Radcliffe, with all he has accomplished, taking copious notes on Nick Garcia’s presentation. They are all life long learners who are the best at what they do because they keep challenging to learn and be better. What an example for the attendees!

We have three areas of emphasis within GAIN: 1) Athletic Development – Coaching, 2) Sports Medicine, Rehab, and 3) Physical Education. The goal is to integrate all three into a comprehensive whole. There are no silos, no narrow specializations; instead there is a reinforcement of fundamental concepts across disciples. When you look at Bill Knowles ATC and his success rehabbing some the top athletes in the world and working with some of the most high profile teams in soccer and rugby you see consistent application of basic principles taken from athletic development and physical education. Randy Ballard’s work at University of Illinois with Volleyball and track is another example of the blending of all disciplines into a unified whole. His presentation on the place of monitoring was brilliant as well as thought provoking and timely. His quote on monitoring is priceless and pretty much sums it up: “Monitoring is like teenage sex, everyone is talking about it but not very many are doing it.”

I would be remiss if I did not recognize two people who make GAIN work. Ed Ryan, who wears two hats, one as an instructor lending his years of experience as an ATC & former head of Sports Medicine at USOC. He is now trainer for US Olympic Women’s basketball team. His second hat at GAIN is he is in charge of operations – he runs the show assisted by my wife Melissa. I would also like to thank Rice University Men’s track & Field (Especially assistant coach Casey Thom) for being our on campus host and facilitators.

6a00e5521cccd0883401a3fd284513970b-320wiSpecial mention to our sponsors who provide the support needed to put on an event of this magnitude. Our principle sponsors are Perform Better and ASICS. Our other sponsors are Bridge Athletic, Ferris Industries makers of Polymem, Spark Motion, Laingainer and Athletic Standard.

Last but not least what makes GAIN special is the attendees. We have several attendees who have been to every GAIN since it’s inceptions – Tove Shere, Track Coach and PE Teacher at Santa Fe Academy and Adam Moss, conditioning coach and PE teacher at Collegiate School in Richmond Virginia. In addition we have more who have attended all but one: Phil Bazzini, Patrick McHugh, and Mark Day. Thanks for your support and making GAIN what it is.

GAIN is open by application. We are looking for professionals interested in growing and sharing. If you are interested in joining us next year please contact me.


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