GAIN VII – 2014

It seems like just yesterday that 22 of us gathered at the Holiday Inn Sports Complex in Sunrise Florida for the first GAIN. Today at Rice University in Houston Texas we start the seventh iteration of GAIN with 42 attendees (20 new attendees and 22 returning) and 12 instructors. From day one it has been special but it keeps getting better each year. Why? Because of the people, the amazing instructors and attendees willing to share and question to learn to be better at their craft. It has grown into a wonderful learning community. It is certainly the highlight of my year. The energy, camaraderie, knowledge and passion sustain me. I want to thank all of you that have made GAIN special, the attendees, Rice University Track & Field staff, the sponsors and above all my wife Melissa who does all the behind things that make it work. Hopefully you will join us next year.


Focus on the process of developing athletes from their first step in the sport to the step onto the podium.

The GAIN goals are:

Provide a career defining educational experience for all involved

Define the field of Athletic Development

Reinforce the concepts that:

Training = Testing and Testing = Training

Training = Rehab and Rehab = Training

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