More Reflections & Recollections

Communication is the key – Master all modes, don’t forget non-verbal (Body Language) it may be the most essential.

Do what is right! Never compromise ethics and core beliefs to win.

There are no gray areas in regards to drugs – either you are a druggie or your not.

It is impossible to train ANY physical quality in isolation. You can design and write the workout that way but the body is smarter than that.

Many injuries are preventable – not through injury prevention programs or corrective exercise but through a comprehensive unbiased training program designed to fit the individual and that is sport appropriate.

Know the science, but remember it is the art of coaching that makes the science effective.

Being and expert on coaching is much more than having a website with millions of page views and expressing opinions not founded in practice. Somewhere you have to get your hands dirty and actually produce results at the level you coach.

Failure is an option – As long as you learn from it.

All training is brain training.

The body is smart – give it development appropriate movement problems to solve and it will figure it out.

Train speed in! You must train fast to be fast. Fast people need to train faster more often in small bouts of work or they will lose speed.

Anyone can work hard; the difference is how smart you work.

Drills and skills are not the same thing.

Instead of specific think appropriate.

No substitute for passion and heart, tough to measure, but easy to see.

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