Pursuing Marginal Gains

Pursing marginal seems to be the ongoing mantra in sport today. I can understand it when I see someone on the brink of a world record or a championship pursuing marginal gains in a legal and ethical manner. What I don’t understand is when I see teams and athletes pursuing marginal gains and ignoring the basics and fundamentals of sound training. There is no sense pursuing the last 2% until you have taken care of the first 98%. Know the basics, practice the basics, master the basics and never stray far from the basics. Instead of aggregation of marginal gains think aggregation of basics by paying attention to detail on a day-to-day and session-by-session basis and you will see bigger than marginal gains as training accumulates over time. Commit 100% to excellence 24 hours a day and the marginal gains will come, it is a process that takes time, nothing happens overnight. No secrets and no magic!

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