Reflections & Recollections

As I get older and coach longer I see what has worked for me and what has not worked. There are commonalities in each. Hopefully these reflections and recollections will help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made and learn what has worked and adapt it to your situation. There have been incredible changes since 1969 when I started coaching. We can measure and monitor things when did not even know existed 44 years ago, but I am not sure that has always made us better coaches. It is too easy to get caught up in the technology and the science and forget we coach people who have feeling and emotions and have lives outside of sport.

Adaptation and improvement in performance is not a linear path. It is always a process, never a model or an algorithm.

For some reason each generation of coaches and athletes have to learn that obstacles are opportunities.

Learn to look at problems and performance errors from as many dimensions and points of view as possible. Get outside input; a different perspective and point of view will add clarity.

Coaching is NEVER WORK – it may be difficult and stressful at times but when it becomes work it is time to get out.

Coaching is a profession, not an industry. That demands professional conduct and preparation.

Be yourself – be the best self you can be!

Define yourself and don’t be afraid to reinvent and redefine yourself and grow, learn and gain experiences.

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