Are you going to slow down? Why?

I was asked the other day why I am not slowing down, the person asking stated that I have been coaching 44 years you are 67 years old why don’t you kick back? Real simple it is not in my DNA. My passion for coaching and teaching runs deep. I sense no decline in my desire. I am addicted to learning and obsessed with self-improvement. It took 40 of coaching and 62 years of life to begin to figure this all out so why not take advantage of the lessons learned from my successes and failures. I have learned how important it is to define yourself and follow your heart. It is too easy in today’s world to let others define you and get pulled in many different directions. I am looking forward to having the most productive and satisfying years of my life sharing with other coaches the lessons I have learned and continuing to coach young people to help them achieve their dreams of excellence on and off the field, court, track and pool. I watched an interview last night with Willie Nelson, at age 81 he has brought out a new album, he still performs over a 100 shows a years and trains everyday. He could kick back, but why should he? Willie is one of my heroes. In our so-called golden years I say just turn the lights up brighter and get on the road again. I am off to Ireland and Scotland next week to teach and learn. The journey continues.

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