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I threw a season best in training yesterday so I was inspired to write! Not because it was a far result, it most certainly wasn’t. It was almost a SB regardless of training or competition, though. The distance isn’t what makes me happy. In fact, the distance is paltry compared to what my training level “used to be”. But that’s just it. Our sport is brutally a “what have you done for me, lately?” culture. And as such, I feel I should hold myself to that standard. What I have done is all well and good, but since I haven’t retired yet, what I am doing now is really all that matters. So as I claw my way back, I will gladly take every single little victory in my path. Taking smaller steps will still get you to the mountain top.


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  1. Ed burke
    Ed burke says:


    Just read a comment from brian Oldfield about those who “think about how far it is going… and how far they want it to go”….. as he says… “doing it more correctly takes care of the distance and all the anxiety that come with pre meet
    preparation… …. and I add… go over your primary ques…. what one feeling or word opens your file …. ? Relax when you find it or them… knowing they will set everything in motion to receive a good throw result….

    Alll the best… from one of your biggest fans… ed


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