Hammer Throw Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

watson2As I’ve said before I have two goals for the European Championships. The first is to throw far and this project starts tomorrow. The second is to help publicize the hammer. That began several weeks ago.

After my selection to the Swiss team the hammer has received a lot of media coverage, both positive and negative. I’ll have more about the media coverage after the championships, but as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. My favorite piece was just posted today by the online startup news site Watson.ch. They came to training two weeks ago with all kinds of toys: GoPros, a drone, and a camera I didn’t dare ask how much it cost. They put them all in the line of fire to capture the hammer throw from every imaginable angle.

The result is a great introductory video for our event showing how the event looks and capturing some fascinating facts about the hammer. Take a look and share to let others know which track and field event is the best!

→ Check out the original article on Watson.ch. They also have one of the best European Championships live tickers (in German) with a great combination of news, Swiss athletes, and humor.

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  1. Mark Connolly
    Mark Connolly says:

    Hi Martin,
    This is very cool. I have very little experience doing the footwork, but have an Orbitron and a six year old Grandson of Harold Connolly to work with.
    Mark Connolly

    • Ed Burke
      Ed Burke says:

      Hello Mark,

      Would be honored to give some basic encuragement…

      I am teaching Peter Martyn (14) hammer etux…. and rethiking how simple it can be… 🙂


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