Making Connections

One of the key aspects of a good training or rehab programs is making connections. Recognize that the body is a kinetic chain and we always need to be aware of how we are making connections between all the links in the chain. Ask yourself if in fact you are connecting or are you disconnecting? Remember that the core is the relay center; it is the center of the action, but not the originator of the action so it plays a big role in connecting upper and lower extremities. We need to understand the end result we desire and how the links in the chain connect and time up. We must always take into consideration that we are bipedal land animals so to insure that all connections are made we must build from the ground up with gait as the cornerstone of function. It may seem basic but we need to know what we are connecting. Why are we connecting them? How are we connecting them? Then we need to understand how the exercises we use in training are connecting to the skill required in the movement or the sport. Is the movement similar or same? Does the athlete make the connection? When all connections are made the result is flowing, efficient, rhythmic movement that allows the athlete to flawlessly execute the desired movement.

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