Balancing Art & Science in Coaching

I am fascinated by science. The empirical nature of the scientific method has an innate appeal. It allows us to study and explore the deepest dimensions of our being and our existence in the world. That being said at the end of the day I am a practitioner. My job as a coach is produce results, to apply the science to the best of my ability by transferring it into practice. The nature of this leans heavily on the art that is based on practice-based evidence. You can learn the science but you have to practice the art to get better at it. Maintaining a healthy balance between art & science is essential to progress as a coach. In the words of Winston Churchill at the end of the day to get results “Science should be on tap, not on top.” I firmly maintain that for the performance team to produce repeatable excellence that the coach must drive the bus but if the coach does not know the science then he will driving the bus without a map or a GPS. You might get there but who knows when and how? Science can help provide needed direction and purpose.

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