6a00e5521cccd0883401b7c706748d970b-320wiCommunication is the essence of coaching. Obviously there is verbal and non-verbal communication. Lets focus on verbal communication. What you say and how you say it has incredible power to convey the message. The Dictionary-1basis of verbal communication is the words we use. In my first year of coaching one of my mentor coaches emphasized to me that words create images in the receivers mind, subsequently those images create action. Therefore it is very important to carefully select the words that will convey the action that you want to see the athlete achieve. Sounds easy, but just like everything it takes practice. Over the years I have learned to lean on what I call power words – single words or phrases that are clear and to the point, they leave no room for interpretation or nuance. This makes it easier for the athlete and easier for me. The terminology is an essential part of the system. Doing this saves time and frustration. It clears the lines of verbal communication and enables direct and immediate feedback. Just a reminder – It is not more words, it is the correct words needed to convey the desired action.

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