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I’ve done lots of presentations about training before, but last weekend was a first. This was the first time I’d presented for a whole day. And it was the first time I’ve presented so long in German. And it was a blast. For once I could explain concepts in depth, with concrete examples of how things fit together, rather than having time constraints force me to keep things at a higher level.

The seminar also served as a test for the upcoming HMMR Media seminar series in America later this month. I will be flying to the US in less than two weeks to join forces with Notre Dame coach Nick Garcia and Cal coach Mo Saatara to go into even more depth on these topics.


Presenting in St. Gallen on Saturday.

Here’s the schedule (click for more information and registration details):

What will we covered? Below is the agenda for the Los Angeles seminar. While it is prepared with a throwing audience in mind, the concepts are easily translatable to training for any power sport and we have received good feedback from strength coaches, jump coaches, and sprint coaches regarding past seminars.

  • Introduction and Basic Training Concepts (60 minutes): Some basic laws of training that underlying any approach to training.
  • Transfer of Training (90 minutes): Specialization is one of the key basic training concepts and worth a deeper investigation. Whatever you call it (special strength, specific strength, etc.) the key is to transfer results from the weight room to the ring. But what is transfer of training? How do we measure it? How do we apply it? We will present this in three parts:
    • How to classify exercises;
    • How to select exercises for your event; and
    • How to implement those exercises in a training plan.
  • Special Strength Practice Demonstration (30-60 minutes): We do a practical demonstration of special strength exercises, explain key elements that make exercises work, and show our favorite examples.
  • Periodization (60 minutes): It’s not just about what exercises you use, but how you strategically use them over the long-term. We break down periodization into three parts:
    • A review of different periodization methods;
    • The basics of Bondarchuk’s periodization method; and
    • Implementing it in training.
  • Case Study (30-60 minutes): In yesterday’s post Nick gave a brief look at his top athlete from last year, but at the seminar you can expect an even deeper look at how we have applied this concept to youth and elite athletes. What program was used to start with. How is it individualized? How do athletes peak for the championship? What are some of the difficulties a coach faces?
  • Open Discussion / Q&A (30 minutes): We are an open book. Ask us whatever you want and we’ll answer.

The Bay Area seminar will cover similar topics, but also include more practical feedback and examples from University of California throws coach Mo Saatara. The Seattle seminar, on the other hand, will be an evening-only seminar for coaches from all sports focusing on the topics of transfer of training, periodization and their application.

28 coaches ready to learn at the first Swiss seminar. Sign up to attend one of our next seminars.

28 coaches ready to learn at the first Swiss seminar. Sign up to attend one of our next seminars.

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:


    I am a high school throws coach and would love to get this information but live too far away to attend. Is it possible the sessions could be recorded and any handouts could be made available. I would pay cost of the clinic. If there is another alternative to get the information, could you please let me know.


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