The Push Point™

There is a precise point during the throw where the active motion in the turn goes from a pull to a push. I call this the Push Point™ (a little Phil Dunphy reference).

tumblr_lzxgpuUGom1r8fjzxo1_250In order to push, you must have both feet on the ground for double support. There is no grey area. Pulling isn’t a death sentence, clearly. But the most efficient, effortless throws are the ones pushed through the push point which allows the hammer to do the work for you. Sometimes the difference between a push and a pull is the day, the program, or level of nervous system fatigue. For example, when I’m down, my ability to reach the push point, let alone push my hammer through it, is not as good. So what’s important is to always strive for the desired feeling of working through your feeling and not concerning yourself with the appearance of your throw.


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