Vern Gambetta

Make Practice Counts

Anyone can work and go through the motions of training. That will even get you a little better for a short time (Longer if you are gifted with exceptional talent) but eventually you will have to pay the piper. Make practice count, come to practice fully engaged in mind and body. Train with purpose and direction. Have a plan for each session, work the plan and immediately post practice evaluate the plan and get ready for the next practice. Win the workout – you have to win workouts before you can ever think about winning a competition. But before you can win a workout you must win the day. Winning the day demands excellence in areas of life. You can’t be a chump outside of training and a champ in training; it does not work that way. Making practice count is part of a total lifestyle commitment. Each athlete has the choice and many are called but few choose. The path to excellence is not direct nor is it easy, but making each practice count will give you a chance.

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